Thanks for visiting the IDKIDC website!  My name is Mary Coffin. I was born and raised on our family farm just north of Guthrie, Oklahoma. I am the oldest of seven siblings. My whole childhood was spent raising, preparing, and enjoying farm fresh food, and that is what I want to share with you! 


My very first job I started working at Safeway as a carry out, when they closed all of their stores in the 

Central part of the States I was able to transfer to Maui and work. While I was gone my dad opened a restaurant called “Granny Had One” in downtown Guthrie. After a trip home for a visit I realized that moving home and helping Dad was what I wanted to do. We operated the family restaurant for over 20 years; people still come to town looking for our place, even after being closed for nearly a decade!


After we closed the restaurant I went to work at The Guthrie Chamber of Commerce & CVB and became a City Councilperson. I had always told my friends if I were to open another restaurant I would own two, one called “I Don’t Know” and the other one “I Don’t Care.” I joked about the names of those two restaurants because I always hear people respond with “I Don’t Know & I Don’t Care” when they are deciding where they want to go eat. Now I am following my dream of owning a restaurant on wheels and making people happy by taking fresh ingredients and creating healthy, unique cuisine!


So think of me the next time you have an event or need a caterer. I will bring yummy deliciousness direct  to your palate!


Kind Regards,

            Chef Mary Coffin